Greenhouse Insulation

I have a small unheated glass greenhouse, just over 4'x4'.  Is there any benefit in lining it with bubble wrap to insulate it?  Last year I just covered the few plants shelves with fleece and most things were ok (pelargoniums etc.) so wondered if there is any particular benefit with bubble wrap.


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    Only trouble with bubble wrap is it retains moisture which then drips onto the plants, I have a 13 x 10 x 10 glasshouse and use fleece to cover the plants placed on the floor, when on benches the cold is right up underneath, could use polystyrene trays to place under the plants on the bench that will help reduce the effects of cold nights

  • Eynsham........for such a small space, lining the whole house wouldn't really be worth the effort IMO.

    Protecting your individual plants as you have been doing is probably the most convenient.  As Cornelly says, polystyrene is an excellent form of insulation beneath and around your plants.

  • cornellycornelly Posts: 818

    I first found them useful under a heated bench, use them now around the side of my glasshouse which is sat on eighteen inch wall of concrete block, do a great job.

  • Thanks everyone.  I shall continue as I've been doing.


  • Cornelly...........yes,I made my first Hot Bed with a base of really wellimage

  • I collect the large polystyrene bases that pizzas are sitting on, so useful for standing pots on in the greenhouse. I line my greenhouse shelves with polystyrene too and stand seed trays on them. It certainly helps in an unheated green house.

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