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Peach Avalon Pride

Can anyone help - I'm getting nowhere with the (very well known) company I bought the tree from.  I particularly wanted this variety as it's supposed to be resistant to peach leaf curl.

I received it mail order last autumn and duly planted it in a large pot.  This spring the leaves and blossom started to appear, much to my delight.  However after a couple of weeks I noticed sap running down the trunk, dark brown and sticky, from underneath one of the branches where it joins the trunk.  Since then the blossom (which never really came to full size) and the leaves have all withered and turned brown but the sap is still leaking, even through the trunk.

I should add that I've planted dozens of trees in the past and never lost a single one, despite feeling sorry for poorly specimens and buying them at reduced prices but this one at over £30 is by far the most I have ever paid, hence my frustration.  Does anyone have an idea what went wrong?


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,570

    It could be a bacterial canker. My apricot tree has done this for shoots start off well, but then start leaking  gum, and the leaves and bloosom wither and die. Last year we removed half of the branches which had died, and this year we will remove the rest of the tree. We only ever got apricots once in 25 years, the squirrels usually eat them while they are still green.

    The other thing it could be is gummosis. This is when the tree takes up too much water. It is apparently common in dwarf peach trees.

  • MumbleMumble Posts: 2

    Thanks for your advice.  I'll investigate further.

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