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  • witchwitch Posts: 31

    O K will do, good night all  

  • MeggiemayMeggiemay Posts: 11

    I am trying Nemaslug and also have jam jars full of salt water to drop the little blighters in. Don't like to do it but needs must!!

  • iszzyinn2iszzyinn2 Posts: 5

    The only long lasting and safe method for slug control is the it .

  • MizzliMizzli Posts: 30

    Great suggestions in this thread.  I had slug infestation in my herb pot last autumn to a point they were even climbing into my partners ashtray and just last week I found a dried up slug on the welcome mat! 

    I'm surprised to hear salt didn't work as we put salt around the edges of the balcony and it seemed to have reduced them.

  • witchwitch Posts: 31

    Yes great help , going to look up slug bell , how many would you need ,how far apart ,would they need to go

  • iszzyinn2iszzyinn2 Posts: 5

    Hi Witch sorry to call you that !!!  in an average garden you need around three as you can  easly move them around , they cover an area of around 8 ft radius and are made out of metal so they will be around for a long long time ,after around five days as recommended you just move them to other parts of your garden,so simple and they protect pets and wild life too. the complete solution for our weather. and as a gardener I was feed up with  slugs eating my hard work away !!!!! so I came up with this Invention.thank you

  • witchwitch Posts: 31

    Thank you will get some ,no problem with witch , you would think I could cast a few spells to help me ,but my powers seem to be on the wane,even my toads are letting me down.  Tell me is this your invention then ??  

  • iszzyinn2iszzyinn2 Posts: 5

    Hi Again Witch  and yes you are talking to the Inventor of this and other garden tools I have invented to make life easier , and I also have a very nice letter from HRH Prince Charles  and how delighted he is  with  my invention thats at HighGrove...!!! Protecting his Hostas..

    All the thousands of people that have got the slugbell ..Love it.and thank you for your interest .



  • witchwitch Posts: 31

    Right that good enough for me , well done that man.

  • so does the slug bell work...let me know.i am being eating out of love and

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