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Good morning everyone from a sunny  Essex ,suddenly I am overrun by SLUGS, tried Pellets ,two different types, but they seem to like them ,  grit round plants , Bird cage grit ,oyster shell grit,  they have munched on my Brocolli ,my purple brussels , But do not like pak choi ,   now after my dahlia ,  has anyone heard of putting cat litter down (un used of course ) this was recomended but I am not sure ????? any suggestions please .



  • i have had a the same problem my cabbage, brocolli and lettuce have all gone. iven put salt granules arounf the plant and that did not deter them either..

  • I've found garlic wash and coffee grindings work best - though not 100%. The one attached, War Paint, spent it's first 2 yers emerging and immediately getting eaten. Last year I put coffee grindings round the base and watered with a garlic wash. Result!



  • witchwitch Posts: 31

    Thanks will try that ,I don't drink coffee but will make some special for them and got garlic so will give a go , try any thing , keeping other brussels in pots till they are tall.  

  •  Containers (glass/cup/small bowl) sunk into the garden to the rim then filled half way with beer will get most of the slugs/snails.


  • When you say garlic wash. means garlic to be boiled and use the water when it is cool....

    I have tried garlic peel for ghents in my house plant and it has worked the treat....


  • granmagranma Posts: 1,929

    Do you eat eggs ? I used to put crushed egg shells around hosta's - but first dry them off by putting at the bottom of your ovan . They crush easier too . I have also a holly tree ,The ones under this dont get attacked as the leaves drop quite ofton , they dry so I assume they dont like the prickles !

  • Yes Preksha, boil up a few cloves of garlic, let it cool, sieve out the garlic and store it. It will store the whole season. You only need a small amount to a gallon of water. Here's a recipe from Bowdens - who know a thing or two about hostas. I also water this onto brassicas and any other thing those dastardly slugs eat:

    Hilarious as it was watching the slugs mating on Springwatch (I'd finished dinner), they're still my most unfavourite garden creature



  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    I put pistachio nut shells around hostas in a big bed. Slugs don't like texture or salt. In small area I've managed to encase fav hostas with old copper pipe, no chomps yet.

  • witchwitch Posts: 31

    Thank you one and all lots of suggestions gonna try all of them , and see what happens , will try each one in different place to see what works best for me

  • That's a good idea witch, you must report back on the results, though for a true scientific test they should all be the same variety. I have a few Hostas and I've noticed some are more prone to slug damage than others

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