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Something for the weekend.......enjoying gardens and flowers.

This thread is intended to be the go-to place to find out about where and when your local plant sales, flower shows or open-garden events etc. are being held near you soon. It's where local gardening societies, groups and individuals can advertise their events and give you the essential details so that you can have a good day out, support charities and eat cake!image, lots of cakeimageimage

The next post will be mine advertising the open-gardens day in Woodgreen, where I live... just to get things going. I very much hope other societies and enthusiasts will follow suit so that they can reach a wider audience and the rest of us can appreciate their efforts  and support good causes.



  • Fourteen gardens in the village of Woodgreen in The New Forest are opening to the public on 16th June, from 10 am to 5 pm, in aid of The Village Halls of Hale and Woodgreen, The Hants and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance and the Colostomy Association. Tickets cost £6 ( children under 14 free), and are available at any of the gardens on the trail. Gardens will be signposted and your ticket is also your map.

    Woodgreen is in the New Forest just off the A338 between Salisbury and Ringwood. Key in SP6 2AJ into your satnav and you will find the village hall in the village centre. The Hall is where you can find refreshments and loos etc. and most important is the home of the famous wall murals , painted in the early 1930s and depicting village life and the actual villagers of the day.The BBC once made a TV programme about them and they are worth the visit in themselves. There is also the local hostelry, The Horse and Groom nearby and wild ponies, deer and cattle mingle with the locals. Oh yes, and the gardens are good too.


  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    ...tomorrow, Sunday 2nd June, last day of the Cambridgeshire Garden Show, near Godmanchester, Huntingdon...£6.50 at the gate, through Aztec Events...

    ...this is wonderful for plant lovers as you would expect, plenty of food too...

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,417

    Thst's where I'm going salino. You didn't mention it's at Woodgreen.

    Woodgreen animal trescue.

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609 goes without saying that I know you'll have a lovely time.. and I'm quite envious as I'm otherwise engaged this weekend - I would have gone too.... I loved it the only time I've been - bought loads...

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,417

    I've never been before. Shall have to restict theamount I bring home, already overloaded. But when did that stop me image

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    ..there's always room for another one.... well, there isn't ... but you are probably like me, as in... ''I must have that plant!!''....   enjoy your day,  nice weather for you I hope...image

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,417


    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • Gardengirl..Gardengirl.. Posts: 4,170

    I will be coming woodgreen wonderboy to look at your garden and will be having the cake as well

    what a lot of gardens in one area open to look around

    Hampshire Gardener
  • I am number 2 on the list, please search me out, just a few minutes walk from the village hall... by the way it's now 15 gardensimage

  • I'd love to go - gardens, cake & a celebrity (Woodgreenwonderboy), what more could you want?? Well for me, maybe 600 miles closer would help!!

    Anyway I hope that everyone from here who goes has a lovely time, the sun shines & Ww raises lots of money for charity.

    Ww, I hope that you manage to get everything done in your garden that you need to, before The Big Day, & may all your weeds be little ones!image

    Presumably Ggirl will be reporting in after the event to let us know what the cake was like. Oh, and the gardens too.imageimage

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