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Hi all.

My ice white potted oriental lily has grown again this year, its second year.  last year I had a superb display from the three bulbs I planted.

After over wintering In my greenhouse  there are the tree main and sturdy main stems but also many secondary and in some cases quite spindly addition shoots.

my question is what should i do about these other less sturdy shoots. will they develop to flowering stage and if not should I prune them off and concentrate on the three main stems.

thanks in advance. Peter 


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener LeicsPosts: 6,625

    Hi Peter, those small stems are from bulbils, which are new baby lily bulbs which have developed on the side of the main bulbs.  Next spring, before the lilies are showing shoots, you can tip the pot out, separate the young bulbs and grow them on in another pot.  In a few years they will flower just like their parents.  Alternatively, you can just leave them be and they will eventually grow into a large clump, but it would be better to plant the whole lot into (ideally) the ground, or a larger pot if you want to do that as they will eventually starve if kept in the same pot when they have used up all of the nutrients and space.

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  • Peter12Peter12 Posts: 22

    Thanks for that Bob.

    I think I will go along with your advice and separate the bulbils next spring and re-pot  them they will make nice gifts to pass on to family and friends. For the princely sum of five pounds spent on  three bulbs at last years Hampton court flower show will hopefully  become a good investment. do you think the newer shoots will flower this year ?

    Thanks again.




  • Peter12Peter12 Posts: 22

    Thanks for that Bob.

    I think I will follow your advice and pot on the bulbils next spring they wil make nice gifts for family and friends. Its been a good investment paying five pounds for three bulbs at the Hampton court flower show last year. Do you think the new stems wil flower this summer.

    thanks again. Peter.

  • ladygardener2ladygardener2 Posts: 347

    The new shoots made by the little bulbets will take a few years to form into big enough bulbs to produce flowers. I've done this over the years and eventually get flowers. I agree with Bob, it's best to pot them on and don't forget to feed them. Good luck.

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