Choisya Ternata - Urgent Replacement and Advice Needed

A misguided attempt of 'help' from a family friend, has meant that they turned up without permission, at night, and hacked off our entire 15yr old Choisya Ternata bush.  It was about 4ft and half feet high, 13ft across and 8ft wide - which isn't bad considering it was in a Diamond shapped bed of just 8 and half feet, by 6 and half feet, and barely received any attention.

It was so perfectly overgrown, that it provided shelter to the cat when we were out, and it was securing the property from people getting access to the window to look in, and since it's removal 2 days ago, we have had 3 thefts, 2 people unrinating up against the wall, and I woke up to see a man standing on the wall that was previously blocked, looking in the window.  I no longer feel safe.  The police said it was the worst thing we could have done, as we are a high risk area, and have recommended that we keep the curtains and blinds closed permantly, like the rest of the houses on the street that are unobstructed.  This means I now see no daylight, or birds feeding, which I loved.  It also provided the thin wall at the front of the house some element protection, and the temperature in this room, has a noticable change.  We are fuming at the friend, who then, in spite of us saying no - sent someone around to hack the stump off, which they did - again without permission.  So the route ball will need digging out I imagine....any advice on that???

I need to replace it super fast, as we are all devastated by it's loss and the security issue is a major deal.  I have to look at mature shrubs, and as large as possible, - that must be safe for Cat's who munch leaves.

Has anyone any advice on what to plant???  I honestly don't care what it looks like as long as it's big, full, fast growing, and tall...and is a shrub, not a tree - as trees have been removed from all front gardens here, because theives used them to climb up to upper windows!

Also - how deep does a Choisya Ternata root ball go?  I have a mature one in the back garden I could relocate - but due to it's size and the fact that I am disabled, I would need professional help.  Who would I look for to do that?  Would a national garden centre do that?  

I'm so lost and upset right now, I don't even know where to begin!  Any advice appreciated!


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    Is there anything left Jinxed? It will regrow if there is

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    Something jaggy- pyracantha, berberis or hawthorn would be my recommendations Jinxed. The first two are evergreen and you can get quite sizeable specimens in pots although they will be a bit dearer. I really sympathise with you. Unfortunately anything you put in will take a bit of time to grow but if you put a jaggy barrier in it may help prevent access. Pyracantha and berberis hedges are also recommended by the Police etc as  a deterrent to intruders. I doubt you would have success transplanting your other choisya as you would need to take a huge chunk of rootball for it to work which, as you say, would require a fair bit of help.

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    Think there are rules regarding barbed wire adjacent to pavements and boundaries Verd- otherwise I'd have used that to keep children running through my garden!

    Jinxed- perhaps you could put in a simple wire fence of some sort  while plants grow? Wire mesh and tree stakes wouldn't be too expensive. Is it a big area?

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    Frankly a baseball bat is what's needed Verd my love.

    Puts our own problems in persepective.

    Hope you can resolve the problem Jinxed. let us know how you get on. image

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