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Feeding camellias and rhododendrons

Lena NLena N Posts: 189

My camellias and rhododendrons are growing in pots. They have buds forming on them and I wondered if now would be a good time to feed them? If so, how much and how often would you recommend please? I have some ericaceous fertiliser. 

Many thanks


  • TootlesTootles Posts: 1,469

    Hi Lena, I gave mine a little bit of food a couple of weeks ago, and top dressed the pots with a little fresh ericaceous compost. Most important this time of year is to keep them well watered so that the buds stay plump and don't drop off before flowering in the spring. image 

  • mushermusher Posts: 389
    Hi Lena,

    l'd tend to agree with Verdun.Early part of September I used to give mine their last feed.

    At this of year you don't want to encourage fresh tender growth
  • ZenjeffZenjeff Posts: 652

    Agree with Verdon and Musher too late to feed now as it will promote new growth which will be too tender for winter feed spring , and summer if you think they need it

  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,755

    Also agree - feed is unnecessary just now - can potentially create more problems.

    Just keep them watered and feed in spring. Replacing a little bit of the existing soil in the pot at the same time will benefit them too, and a mulch to help retain moisture image

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  • Lena NLena N Posts: 189

    Thanks everyone for the advice. Don't know what I'd do without you all image

  • Lena NLena N Posts: 189

    Hello there 

    Is now a good time to start feeding? I have small azaleas growing in my border and have two camellias and two rhododendrons in containers.  One of my camellia has started flowering but the other only has little buds.

     I have a bottle of liquid plant food for azalea, camellias and rhododendrons and was planning to feed them with that image

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