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My favourite autumn plant fair is on this weekend - Aywiers at Lasne for anyone in Belgium - and I am intent on some top class HRT.

I'm looking for 2 or 3 shrubs to fill a 3m x 1.5m bed in full sun on all sides but shaded to the south by a 6' trellis covered in clematis in summer.   It's exposed to nasty east winds in winter but I will be putting up some windbreak fabric to reduce the impact.

They need to be hardy and not evergreen as they get killed in a very hard winter.  I already have several hydrangea pyracantha, hibiscus, several cornus, sambucus, weigelias, buddleia, philadelphus, deutzia, deciduous viburnum.

The soil is fertile loam over a clay subsoil and is alkaline.  Usual temp range is -15C to +34C but we can get much colder - enough to kill off evergreen viburnums, eleagnus, choisya, some conifers....

The Vendée, France
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