Too much time on my hands

After watching a clip of Monty Don planting Gardeners Delight tomatoes using 3 different methods has prompted me to write this. I have gained another greenhouse this year and have started my tomatoes off using air pots,halos,ring culture. I have used air pipes to get oxygen to the tomato roots in some of the pots, used  one litre bottles buried in the compost to get water to the tap roots. I have used a mixture of composts and a variety of named tomatoes. To cap it off I have set up a spreadsheet to compare the different success rates of the plants. As  sated too much time on my hands!


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    you need to get a bigger garden Willinghamboy

  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,168

    It really all depends on the sun! Last year I had zillions of tomatoes; all GREENimage

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    There is a limit to how much chutney I can palm off on other peopleimage

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    I am trying air pots for the first time this year. I will be potting up Sungold and San Marzano into 15 litre pots this week. I have tried ring pots on grow bags and deep containers which allows much better root development than just grow bags on their own. Be interested in how your experiments progress.

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