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I have 2 identical wisteria plants on either side of my front door. Both were planted at the same time many years ago, pruned in exactly the same way and fertilised with super phosphate. One has an abundance of flowers , the other has virtually no flowers and an abundance of leaves! Can anyone advise why they are behaving in different ways and how I get both to flower


  • Rosie31Rosie31 Posts: 483

    Sometimes wisteria does take time to get going.  Were they very young plants when you planted them?  You might just have to wait another year.  Although they look the same, the chances are that they are not actually clones - so not impossible that one might just be taking longer to get into the flowering habit.

    Also, I don't fertilise my wisteria at all - maybe you are feeding too much?  I assume they are both planted in the ground - it might be that one plant is on a particularly rich or poor seam of soil?

    And (sorry if this is too obvious) - is one in the sun and one in the shade?  Sun will improve chances of flowering - the branches like to 'ripen' in the sun during summer and autumn.


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