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pruning Hibiscus

JoanadaJoanada Posts: 12

Can anyone tell me how and when to prune Hibiscus plants. I have two in pots, this is their second season and they have not done well just a few flowers this year, none last year. What kind of compost should I use to replant them.



  • I've just purchased two but desperate to find their place in the garden image I never even considered pots thought they were a garden plant so perhaps that's why your not having much of floral display ( then again what do I know imageimage)

  • Assuming you are growing hardy hibiscus, then plant them in the ground in full sun, at least 6 hours worth. Then prune them in the spring - the flowers grow on the same year's growth so don't be shy. If you are growing the tender ones, then move them into a sheltered spot, say a covered porch (needs to be more than 4 degrees), and repot them in the spring, and prune as before. I grow both sorts, and this works for me. They are such beautiful flowers, it is definitely worth the effort. Good luck. 

  • They are H. Oiseau blue so I am looking forward to the flowering  Thanks Catherine that guides me to the perfect spot image

  • I hope so, Primrose, it was trial, error and deaths (of the poor wee plants) that got me there. image

  • JoanadaJoanada Posts: 12

    Thank you all for your advice. I will see how they get on in the spring.

  • I agree with Catherine Whitehead.  I have many hardy hibiscus and they are all in the ground, they love sun, give them a sunny spot and they'll flower all summer, my favourites are the blues, single and double flowers.  Good luck and enjoy their beauty.


  • daffy6daffy6 Posts: 26
    Do they shed their leaves,or are they evergreen,I'm not sure if my MILs shed their leaves or not ?.
  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,854

    The hardy ones - hybiscus syriacus types - are deciduous and often don't get their new leaves again until June in may garden if we've had a hard winter.   This year it was early May.

    Hibiscus rosa-siniensis is from tropical China and not frost tolerant at all so, whilst it may enjoy a sunny spot outdoors in summer, it needs to be brought in once temperatures cool and protected till the last frosts are well past in May.   

    See here for info from the RHS - 

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  • We are on the subject of hibiscus, I am sure what MILs stands for.  Yes, hibiscus do shed their leaves, and remain barren until Spring.

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