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My runner bean plants leaves are covered in a soot like covering,

anyone throw light on what the problem is ?



  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,051

    one or two of my courgettes are the same, doesn't seem to be doing them any harm though.

  • Sandy14Sandy14 Posts: 16

    Thanks  for the response ,


  • I have 2 x 4ft beds of runner beans. Both reached the top of the 8ft poles and started to produce good beans, but suddenly one whole bed has died off, covered in a sooty film. I had had a little problem with blackfly on this same bed, but I think this may have been because the plants were weakened as the other bed (alongside) was unaffected. Anyone have any idea what the problem might be? I have destroyed the affected plants but now notice that a few of the second bed are getting yellow leaves.

  • Sandy14Sandy14 Posts: 16

    So far I have had no problem with sooty deposit on my runner beans and I am growing then in the same bed as last year. Remains a mystery.

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