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weed/plant id

JcblueJcblue Posts: 42

Hi guys,

            This weed/plant pops up everywhere round by us, it's quite pretty but I just don't know it's name!image

I have never seen flowers on it (the pink one in the first picture is chickweed) so I can't see how it could be a marsh marigold & the leaves are slightly furry, & it is too big to be dichondra? they are  a bit smaller than the palm of my hand.

If anyone can give me id or even wild guesses I'd be very grateful








  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,787

    My first htought was one of the butterburs but the leaves are much too small. 

    I don't know dichondra. Definitely not a marsh marigold

    Chickweed is white

  • JcblueJcblue Posts: 42

    thanks nutcutlet it's way too small to be butterbur & it never flowers,

    thats terrible I've been calling that pink weed chickweed for years image

    dichondra is a small ground cover plant & can be used for filling small gaps in paths & some people have it as a lawn!! wouldn't last 2 seconds in  our house with 2 kids & 2 dogs!! even the grass strugglesimage

  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,787


    How does this one you're asking about grow Jc? Is it seeding about or spreading by runners

  • JcblueJcblue Posts: 42

    I have pulled some up before that the roots are on the surface & they have never been joined together, but usually the roots are tap roots & quite fat, they can go quite far down.

    But then I have never seen it flower?! it dies down for the winter too

  • hollytreehollytree Posts: 36

    Does it have yellow flowers like shaggy daisies? Cos it could be Colt's Foot (Tussilogo farfara) which looks like nice ground cover but it runs like Linford Christie unless you're brutal with it.  I can't see the pink flower very well but it might be a campion (Lychnis).  It's too early really, especially with a late spring, for it to be a Willowherb (Epilobium) and the leaves aren't right for a Lady's Smock (Cardamine Pratensis).

  • JcblueJcblue Posts: 42

    Thanks hollytree it never flower's & the leaves are much more rounded than colt's foot.

    I guess I'll never know what it is image maybe I could name it (one I can remember!!)image

    & thanks for letting me know it's a campion I will try to reprogram my brain to remember it! makes me wonder if I know any plant names!!!!

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