Growing kale as cut and come again leaves

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Last year I ended up growing salad leaves as cut and come again in seed trays in the baby polytunnel, because anything outside got decimated by slugs. I have currently got some kale seedlings in modules ready to plant out. Instead of wide spacing I thought I might plant them close together say 4 inches and just cut off small leaves regularly, and grow some more at wide spacing for overwintering. Has anyone any experience of growing kale as baby leaves instead of mature plants?

It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.


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    I grew Kale a few years ago at the allotment. I grew them quite close together and cut the young tasty leaves for eating, they were great. I'd say go for it.

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    Yes, I've done this too. It also works with chard, or you can sow a mixture of leaqves together.

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    Kale is a cut and come again vegetable.  As you cut off the foliage, new leaves will grow from teh centre and you'll gradually get a stalk with new, tender leaves at the top and, with any luck, over a long season.   I've done this with curly kale and coavolo nero but, sadly, the last 3 years they've all been frozen to a mush by hard winters so didn't last as long as usual.

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