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Talkback: Garden birds and their predators

I caught a sparrowhawk on film. I posted it on youtube.

If you encourage the small birds into your garden, it is inevitable that the predators will follow, whether that is cats or magpies and sparrowhawks.


  • We've had the same pair of blackbirds make nests in either ours or our neighbours gardens for the last three years and the magpie got them every time. This year no magpies (for some reason) and we've had two hatchings of blackbirds and two of sparrows. Hurrah! I don't know why the birds keep on bothering with such a low success rate.
  • I am so lucky with the amount and variety of birds that visit my garden, it's like a bag of allsorts, I hang up all these different feeders some of which I have large cages around to help to protect the birds whilst feeding they are expensive but worth while, starting from twenty pounds they fit over existing feeder to make an exclusion zone, my birds cost a fortune to look after but they are worth it.I don't have a cat but neighbours cats are a real nuisance.
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