HELP:Starting from Scratch!!

So I have had to move back to my parents house and frankly they do NOT do any gardening. My next door neighbour has been mowing the grass for years as she probably gets embarrassed at the sight of it!!!image
I want to create a garden that we can all enjoy, and so I can have people over.
I have all the enthusiasm in the world but have no idea where to start!!
The garden has a small patio that really needs cleaned and the rest of the garden is dilapidated! I don't even have any garden tools and anyway I don't know what tools to use!
Please give me some advise on where to start and advice about what kind of tools/techniques I need to get the ball rolling .

Thanks! image


  • ninnin Posts: 156

    Hi have just cleared a large garden and put in raised veg beds , flower veg border and am about to turn last bit to a lawn.

    I am on a budget and main part of garden is over 60 metres long so large. I have used freecycle to get boards to build raised beds and builder friends have got me more boards. Got used (scrubed up well) decking from freecycle to use as flower bed edging by lawn also got a few nice freecycle pots , freecycle trellisetc. even got freecycle manure.

    Despite all the freestuff have still spent a fortune (hundreds £s) on good soil and on seeds plants etc brought trellis and posts but if had brought everything from new would easily be in the thousands of pounds.

    hope this helps.


  • AtillaAtilla Posts: 1,493

    I would start by writing things down.

    What do you want from the garden? Privacy, nice views, impress people, grow food?

    Then plan where the sun is, where the soil is dry/damp. What you like or dislike

    Basics are fork, spade, trowel, secateurs and mower.

  • kev vankev van Posts: 72

    Id start with a blank canvas. clear it back then you might find ideas just flow once you see what you have. as others have said freecycle even bay of e you might just find some quality old tools dirt cheap. i brought a 30 odd year old fork from bay of e and its very good quality for £10.68. best bargin ever!

    if you can get some free or cheap wood  raised beds but that's not really necessarily that important to make the garden look nice if you cant at mo free or cheap. 

    Have you got a mate with a pressure washer you can borrow? if not scrubbing brush and elbow grease that's of course if you don't wanna buy/hire a pressure washer 

    If the fences are in ok condition some paint would brighten it all up or you could get a few climbers. 

    Tools been mentioned above.


    hope in someway mine helps just a little


  • If you want people round the first thing is clean the patio.  Sounds like the lawn is basically ok, so then I'd work and out from the patio. Divide the garden into smaller bits and tackle one area at a time then it doesn't seem so daunting.  I'm tackling my neglected garden at the moment, it's an awful lot of work but I'm just doing one thing at a time.  You could try planting up some containers for the patio to brighten it up.  As for the tools, blairs summed it up.  I have a little trug with trowel, small fork, secateurs, scissors, gloves - some other things too, but the above are what I use most.  And then yes, spade, fork and mower.  For cleaning the patio I used to use a stiff brush broom and get a bucket with washing up water and a touch of bleach.  Worked wonders.

    Good luck!



  • oh dear I meant hot water, washing up liquid and a touch of bleach.  my bad.

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