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witchwitch Posts: 31

Just planted a new clematis , Polish Spirit in a large pot , I know they like their roots in shade so what do you suggest I put over roots please ,pebbles , or old tiles /


  • bebe3bebe3 Posts: 4

    I put broken bits from old terracotta pots, stacked up around the roots. Never had any luck with clematis in the past, but once I started doing this, they've really thrived.

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,119

    Clematis can grow quite happily in full sun or part shade depending on the variety but they all like a deep, cool root run so you need to make sure yours is planted deep and then shade the whole pot.   I find putting crocks and stones around just gives slugs a place to hide so grow my celematis in places where their roots are shaded by other plants.

    Polish Spirit will do well in sun or shade so just keep its pot cool by not placing it against a south or south west facing wall.    Clematis are hungry, thirsty plants and some can take a season or two to get established before they really take off so make sure you keep yours happy with plenty of food and water and don't let the pot freeze in winter.

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  • witchwitch Posts: 31

    Thank you both for the advice , not sure if I had already done this , as I have had a bit of a problem at home with elderly relatives, and my mind has been a bit muddled , it seems all is well and I can get back to my garden .,

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