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Hi All dont know if i am i the right place first time planting veg i planted courgettes and the leaves are being eaten do i spray and with what

problem2 my bay trees are couvered in a black stickey substance any help

off now to bloom garden show thankyou for any help


  • jeffdjeffd Posts: 61

    Scale insects is the most likely pest to cause the black sticky substance on your bay tree leaves, you will have to find a suitable spray to keep it under control. you should be able to see them on the back of the leaves and stems above the effected  leaves.

  • James

    In order to protect your courgettes, you first need to know what is eating them.  If they are small seedlings, it's most likely slugs.  You can use pellets, beer traps, gravel, copper rings/tape, nematodes, depending on how organic and how much you want to spend!  I always start off my veg seeds in plant pots, outside, but out of reach of slugs, and all but the most determined snails.  You could try raising some more seedlings in pots where slugs wont be able to get them, and then transplant them when they're a bit bigger, and not as palatable to slugs. 

    I wouldn't recommend just spraying with insecticide, it may harm bees and if it's slugs, you'd just be wasting your money.  Best way is to go out at night with a torch, that's when the slugs will come out for their dinner.

  • jamesburkejamesburke Posts: 53

    Hi scale insects i see them on the leaves i washed them off  will look for a spray in GC TODAY

    Courgettes no slugs on leaves or in pot

    thankyou for youre help


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