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RitchieRitchie Posts: 36
Hi all, I have a few rhododendrons and a young cherry tree planted from last year. After one years growth I realised they are too big for the area. Today I dug them out and planted them in back garden temporarily. Question is will they be ok to dig up again next summer/autumn and transplant in another area of garden? I need to sow back in grass next Spring thats why I have just planted randomly today. Or is there a specific time of year to mive plants if needs be?


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,716

    Preparing the new site well, and getting as much rootball and surrounding soil out when you move them, will make a big difference Ritchie. They won't have had time to get massive by then, so they should be fine image

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  • RitchieRitchie Posts: 36
    Thanks folks
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