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Mowdirect and Einhell mowers

I recently got a new Einhell GH-PM 51 SHW long story short it lasted 5 minutes, and yes i put oil in. Mowdirect replaced it after about 3 weeks. The new one has lasted 4 cuts over the summer before conking out and again refusing to start. I called them and was dircted to Einhell themselves as the mower was over a month old. This was only after being told and I quote " THIS IS THE SECOND ONE YOU HAVE HAD IT MUST BE SOMETHING YOU ARE DOING". This even after I explained I would rather have pins inserted in my eyes than have another Einhell mower and i did not realise cutting the lawn was not part of the job description for a mower. Playing the game I called Einhell Uk and was offered collection and repair if I wanted exchange for a different brand I needed Mowdirect unsuprisingly. Back I go and again passed around from one department to another. In the end I have ended up leaving it with them to call back and arrange a refund as the only other option was an MTD mower of which I have a ride on in the garage which is unable to cut lawns hence the new mower in the first place. Customer service and quality products have long since left the realm of ustomers on a modest budget. Mowdirect and Einhell will not be getti g my, my parents ( both keen gardeners with a penchant for garden tools) nor if i had my way anyone elses money in future. Sorry rant over. Any recomendations for a decent company and a good mower for about ??370-400.
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