Olive tree care

I have 2 new olive trees on my decking, I am not very green fingered but want to make sure I'm caring for these beautiful trees properly in both summer and winter so if anyone could give me any advice that would be great thanks. Insure how to post pictures of the trees sorry ????


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    Would need to know what part of the country you are in before giving advice.

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  • I've got one, its quite large in a pot. At first we brought it in the conservatory over winter but last year it was too big. We covered it in fleece over the winter months and it survived. Will do the same this year. We also tucked it in a corner against the house for a bit more protection from winds etc. Although last winter was quite mild. I live in Sussex.

  • I need to move an olive tree planted from a pot 3 years ago it's about 5ft tall .When would be the best time ? I live in Suffolk South facing.

  • This might help......


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