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Impatiens (Busy Lizzies)

I have planted out 200 Impatiens (Busy Lizzies) bought from Tesco's. I have since discovered that Busy Lizzies (Not New Guinea variety) are diseased. Is this true? Or has disease been eradicated? If diseased should Tesco be allowed to sell them? Not necessarily on a legal basis but knowing they are diseased plants.


  • lazy gardenerlazy gardener Posts: 317

    They are not diseased plant though are they?

    A lot of on-line companies are selling impatiens

    Downy mildew is the problem-so they may get diseased-they may notimage-a lot of large places like Homebase and B and Q no longer sell them-honestly I dont think you can blame Tesco for something that might not happen -can you?

  • BILLYCBILLYC Posts: 70

    lazy gardener - Surely they must bear some responsibility if they KNOWINGLY sell a faulty product be it a washing machine or a Busy Lizzy? I have no idea whether plants are diseased or not until they begin to grow. Or more than likely not grow at all.

  • lazy gardenerlazy gardener Posts: 317

    They are not diseased plants till they "catch" the disease- and they may not

    So they have not sold your faulty goods

    Whether you have redress if they do catch the disease is open to question-why not wait and see

  • From what I have read about this disease it is irresponsible of anyone to sell this and all gardeners would be well advised to avoid them until a solution to the problem is found. If we stop buying them 'they' will stop trying to sell them.

    It's an opportunity to try something else. 

  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

    Tescos are just trying to make a quick buck. I would not reccomend buying these plants.

  • BILLYCBILLYC Posts: 70

    Thanks for replies. Sorry I didn't understand the concept of the disease. I thought the plants were already diseased when bought. I did not realize that plants actually `catch` the disease.

    I still maintain however that Tesco are being irresponsible in selling them to a unaware general public. 

  • I have to agree that Tesco's are irresponsible in buying the plants, lots of places only stock the New Guinea Impatiens (a different strain of busy lizzy), which seems immune to the downy mildew that devastates ordinary types.  Are you sure you've been sold the ordinary type?  Have you still got the reciept / packaging they came in, as I would be very surprised if they are the old type, it's not in Tesco's interest to stock something that may well die (especially on their shelves) if stricken with the disease.

    Most people that buy bedding plants are aware of the situation, and steer well clear of the old type that can be affected, as this problem has been around now for at least two years, especially when the new guinea type is available and won't be affected.  Could it be that whoever has told you is winding you up?

    I would check packaging and wait and see.  Your plants might catch the disease if they're the old type, then again they might not.  If NG impatiens, they won't. 

  • BILLYCBILLYC Posts: 70

    Mummy Muddy Paws - The plants are NOT the New Guinea variety as far as I know. The packaging only says Impatiens no specific strain is mentioned as is the case with most bedding plants bought from supermarkets etc.

    Stop Press - I have just inspected plants after a period of prolonged rain. All plants have white or grey spots on their leaves. Is this the start of the fungal disease?????Or does fungus start underneath the leaves?????

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