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I am growing a Alicante tomato plant indoors on a window ledge. The plant is about 2 feet high. At what height should I pinch out top of plant? Remember that it is growing indoors.  



  • lazy gardenerlazy gardener Posts: 317

    In a greenhouse when 4/6 trusses of fruit have set -indoors when you dont want it to grow any higher.

  • BILLYCBILLYC Posts: 70

    lazy gardener - Sorry I'm a complete novice. Don't understand `don't want to grow any higher`.Wont the plant continue to grow higher till I pinch out centre stem????

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Yes, that's what LG said, when it has nearly got as high as you want it to be, then pinch out the top shoot.  It will need to be a good bit taller than it is now if it is to have room to produce fruits.  Don't forget to nip out the little side shoots that appear in the axles of the main leaves too, you just want the main stems where the flowers are forming.  It needs feeding and watering regularly when the first set of tiny fruits has formed ( you will se reference to 'when the first truss has set'  - that  is what that means),  don't let it get dry, and keep the watering as steady as possible, rather then let it dry out then water - that is good or many plants but not tomatoes.  

  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,683

    Alicante would normally be about 6 to 8 feet high before being pinched out. If you let it set 3 trusses of fruit then you may be able to stop it at about 4 feet high. The fruit will also ripen earlier as a bonus.

  • Bob EliottBob Eliott Posts: 9

    Billy C you say you are a novice well when the flowers are showing this is

    called a truss,for a window you want 3-4 trusses then nip out top

  • LuLu Posts: 7

    I have four difrent tom plants, they are in my very small greenhouse. like Billyc i am a novice too. My plants do not seem to be growing up very much yet, and some of the leves seem to be going yellow can you help please

  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,731

    As steephill says, Alicante would normally grow to at least 6'. It's an indeterminate (cordon) variety. Indeterminates aren't really suited to growing indoors on a window sill. Indeterminates continue to grow and produce fruit on the new growth during the season. Remove all the growing tips, the plant will stop growing and there will be no more fruit.

    Lu, can you give us some more information? Varieties? How big/old/mature they are? Current temperatures? A photo would be a help too.

  • BILLYCBILLYC Posts: 70

    Many thanks to all who replied. I intend leaving plant till it is about 6ft. high then I will pinch out top. I know about side shoots & will begin feeding when fruit appears. Special thanks to Bookertoo who explained to me like what I am a complete novice.

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    We've all been complete novices at some point, and about some things we all remain so.  It is thus important to share whatever you can with new folk who may have all sorts of information to pass on to others - that's how gardening goes along!  Enjoy. 

  • hollytreehollytree Posts: 36

    The most important thing to remember when growing toms indoors (especially on a windowsill) is that the flowers will need pollinating. In a greenhouse you would leave the doors and windows open during the day at least to allow insects to enter but on your windowsill, even with a window open, that's not likely to be sufficient.  You will need to spray room temperature water use a fine mister over the plants to help them to set and you may even have to use a fine small paint brush (like an artist's brush) to gently tickle the flowers to cross-pollinate them.

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