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Sorry for the heading, couldn't help myself...  image

I have a large back garden which I am still working on (moved here a year ago), and as I have a dog who thinks the garden is his playground, I am wondering what I can do to control slugs and snails once I get round to planting up the beds as I obviously don't want to kill my dog also. image

Another alternative is to choose plants which slugs and snails won't eat, if there is such a thing??

I have only started gardening in the past few months, so please excuse my ignorance.

Thanks for any advice. image


  • Great Heading and on reading it I knew exactly what your question was going to be!!

    As a novice gardener, also trying to rescue a garden inherited a few months ago, with two spaniel puppy apprentices (what can I say) I am very interested to learn how to control slugs and snails and to receive recommendations on how to kill loads a weeds and not puppies.

    Looking forward to hearing from all you experienced gardeners


    Good luck with your garden mazzycheshire - I'm loving it - hope you are


  • DaisyheadcaseDaisyheadcase Posts: 315

    Just posted on slugs in another thread.  I hate them with a passion and find that going out every night with a torch and picking them off really helps to keep the population down.  Other tactics are beer traps, making barriers around plants with gravel or crushed egg shells, I've tried yoghurt pots with the top edges cut into spikes; many say coffee grounds around the plant work and I've just heard about home made garlic spray which I'm definitely going to try.  Copper tape around pots is good, and very handy for growing those plants you can't seem to keep them off no matter how hard you try.

    I'll repost with the link to the other thread you should find it useful.

    Oh and although I don't have a dog I never use pellets.

  • Learner Gardener - Yorkshire - hello there to another novice gardener and doggy owner, I bet you have fun with your apprentices, can't imagine trying to garden with puppies around, it's hard enough with my 6 year old puppy-like Tibetan Terrier.  image  Yes I am loving the gardening a lot, the previous owners were very keen gardeners so it's well established, but the elderly lady was on her own for a few years, so a lot of chopping, cutting back and weeding has been going on, but a year on I am pleased to say it's looking a lot better and I have started to add to it myself.

    Daisyheadcase - going out at night with a torch to remove slugs, would I think, finish me off on the sheer anxiety alone, lol, you are very brave....  The egg shells and gravely may work, but think my dear dog may decide to chew on them, but will give it a try, thanks.  I have copper tape around the pots so that's sorted, I hope!  Thanks so much for the link, I will go and have a read, appreciate your help.  image

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