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Green tomato chutney



  • Thank you soo much all of you imagethink will use my big all I pan this time  and perhaps use wine vinegar and malt as I only have 500ML of malt  . My family think I'm Alzhemick already Dove  image but I remember when I need to???imageimage

    It took me ages chopping tomatoes and crying over the onions image so it sure must be good 

  • It will be worth the effort, I am sure. 

  • Hi everyone I've just had my first taste of my very own chutneyimage pop round for chutney and cheese if your free imageimage 

    Thank you all for your encouragement image

  • Pat EPat E Posts: 9,411

    As usual, Dove's clear thinking and down to earth advice is spot on. It you think back, our parents and grandparents only ever had aluminium pots. I've made my Green Tomato Pickles for years in aluminium pots and everyone raves about mypickles.image

    S. E. NSW
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