Clematis armandii - what is the problem?




 I planted it about six weeks ago and it did well until a week or so ago when we had some quite strong winds.  Is this wind burn and will it start growing from lower down?  We are in the Chilterns.



  • LunarJimLunarJim Posts: 49

    It is the growing tips that are the problem, they are black as you can see in the second picture.  The plant overall looks fine although with some black leaf tips.  Is this wind burn or over enthusiastic watering?

    Thanks for any advice.

  • lydiaannlydiaann Posts: 209

    Eerie!!  I've just had to take my Armandii back to soil level...I think it's clematis wilt you have.  Caused, apparently, by a 'wound' [could be from an insect 'bite' or a tie that's too tight] and carried by water to infect the whole plant.  It starts at the top.  I suggest you take it back down to a good healthy level, cover the roots well to stop splash-back and hope for the best - that's going to be my strategy.  If any 'expert' out there has any better advice, both Jim and I would be eternally grateful!

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    I believe that Armandii doesn't get clematis wilt, only the big summer hybrids - this really does look like wind damage to me, plus amybe a bit more watering than is strictly needful?  My apples looked a bit like this on Sunday, but have picked up with rain and no wind - see what happens. 

  • lydiaannlydiaann Posts: 209

    Update:  18 months or so later, having taken my clematis armandii down as far as possible, it is now growing quite healthily.  I hadn't realised armandii couldn't get clematis wilt...thanks to Bookertoo, my education is improving!  I am now hoping for at least a couple of flowers next Jan/Feb.  It is amazing how, with a bit of courage, a lot of luck and sheer desperation, plants will respond if given the right treatment.  Another plant that responds beautifully to very tough love is the summer jasmine.  The previous owners had treated it like a winter jasmine (nudiflorum) and planted it north facing; I took it down almost to ground level, moved it to west facing and it has responded magnificently - from 40 cm (2 buds) to 2 m tall, and covered in flowers this summer.  All this within just 15 months of its move.

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