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New Lawn

i'm a novice gardener and tried my hand 3 weeks ago at creating a new lawn from seed.  Basically, I'm thrilled as it's taken well and I've had to cut it already, BUT there are quite a few bare patches.  Should I reseed them now or will they "fill in" over time?


  • Personally I wouldn't have cut it until next year but it will be fine. Next spring keep cutting and it will fill in - if we have dry spells (in the spring) - water it. Grass grows from the bottom and the more its cu the more it spreads - but don't cut it really really short just often. I've just reseeded a 15 ft x 15ft bare patch and its taken okay - but I know it will be fine by next June,

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    I sowed a new lawn earlier this year Carol - it's looking good but there are a few areas that will need a little extra seed which I'll do in spring as it won't germinate here now. As mentioned by Topsoiled, regular cutting helps enormously so next year should see a big improvement. If the areas are big, and you're worried about weeds seeding in from elsewhere, you could try sow some grass seed and covering with clear polythene to help it germinate before it's too cold. Use a few supports to keep it clear of the soil and allow air flow.

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