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Advice about lawnmowers

Hi there, wonder if someone can help.  I love my garden but am getting a bit old and I struggle with mowing my lawn, - fairly big in back but small in front.  I bought a Qualcast mower last year that seemed lightweight but I am having such a problem pushing it and have to take frequent rests.  I am a bit frightened of buying a petrol mower as in the maintance, (female and live on my own!!!) can anyone suggest a lawn mower I can buy that I can use easily for the rest of my gardening time???  Hope someone has some ideas.  Thanks


  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    There are many lightweight electric mowers which should deal with your grass, the only thing with them is you have to be careful with the cable, not to run over it!  Petrol mowers are not suitable for those of us getting along in our gardening life, too heavy and noisy.  Battery mowers may well not be enough for the larger area you mention.  electric mowers are safe, as long as you use a device that cuts off the power as soon as there is a porblem with the cable.  I have used one for several years now with no ill effects, and a reasonably tidy grassy area.  No stripes I am afraind, but that was not a priority for me anyway.  I would suggest one with the grass box behind the cutters, as those with the box in front stop you getting to the edges of the grass.   Get the shop to let you feel the weight of the machine before you commit to which one you want.  Maybe take a friend shopping with you - it sometimes helps to have a second set of eyes to look at the choices. 

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