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Raised Veg Patch

Hello, I am after some advice please.

I have built some raised vegetable patches using dense concrete blocks. The drainage is all sorted but before I fill it with soil I would like to seal the inside of the concrete blocks to stop water from seeping through and discolouring the outside of the veg beds. Can anyone recommend what type of sealer I can use for this or any other suggestions to alternatives.

Thanks in advance



  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,823

    I would use strong black plastic to line the insides.   You can seal it down by folding an edge over the top layer of bricks and holding them with another layer of bricks or slabs or wooden planks according to your budget and style.  It will make the blocks waterproof on the inside and also stop them leaching unwanted chemicals into teh soil.

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  • Thanks obelixx for your suggestion. I'm thinking that this may be the best option as its veg we are growing, and we definitely do not want any chemicals or toxins from sealer leaching into the soil. 

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