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Dwarf Pear Tree

I have had a dwarf pear tree planted in a large tub for three years.  Each year it has what looks like scale insect on the leaves and the leaves end up dying.  This year I have sprayed the leaves with Bug Clear when the leaves started to appear and then again when they were fully out but I still have this infestation and it seems to start at the top and be working its way down the tree.  The tree seems healthy with plenty of flowers and now the pears are beginning to form, but what can I do to stop this happening to the leaves and will it damage the tree at all?  I would very much appreciate some help.image


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,384

    When this season is over and it becomes dormant, try treating it with a Winter tree wash (Vitax do one, for example.)  This should kill any over-wintering pests and their eggs.  Hopefully it will then be free of the problem next year.  Trying that (in my opinion) is safer than spraying insecticides which may effect bees, other beneficial insects, or even you if the chemicals also end up in the fruit.

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  • Thanks for your advice BobThe Gardener I will try it with a wash about December.  I had been advised to take off the infected leaves but that would mean denuding nearly half the tree.  Hopefully the fruit will be ok as this was the best year for blossom yet.

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