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Rotary Sieve

I'm thinking of investing in one of these.  Two seem to be available on-line.  The cheaper, unbranded one, is green and costs around £30 from Amazon etc. The other is a Clarke one, costing around £40.  The on-line reviews seem to agree that the cheaper model is a bit flimsy so I'm leaning towards the Clarke one.  I can't find one locally so will probably have to mail-order it.  I want it to sieve my home made compost, which I currently have to do with a hand sieve (or riddle as my Dad calls them).  This is very boring and time-consuming not to mention ache inducing.  So I'm looking to the rotary one to be quicker and easier to use.  Any information gratefully received.


  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619

    I don't know which one I've got, it was a gift, but I find it invaluable to riddle large amounts of home made compost, leaf mould and soil. I still use a hand riddle for small amounts, but wouldn't be without the rotary one.

  • Tall PaulTall Paul Posts: 30

    Thanks Figrat,


    I bought the Clarke one in the end and am already finding it a real boon.  My newly planted border is beautifully mulched with home compost which is better than bought in terms of texture.  For any one else thinking of buying one the Clarke one is very sturdy and well mde but mine came with no assembly instructions, not a problem for most of you out there but caused me a bit of head scratching!  It is available from Machine Mart to collect which saves postage and is £10 cheaper than Amazon if you have a branch which is handy.

  • gab82gab82 Posts: 73

    Cheers tall paul. May have to get oneimage

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