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Disappointing gardens

Lennie SLennie S Posts: 1

I went to Beech Court Gardens in Challock, Kent at the weekend.  It's part of the GW 2-for-1 gardens pass.  Not only was it disappointing from a horticultural point of view in my opinion (GW describes it as an informal woodland garden with interesting and rare trees and Rhododendrons and Azaleas add colour, so you'd expect it to be good about now, but the R&As was unimpressive and other than a handkerchief tree, I think a few acers are not enough) but there was numerous places where the owners' dogs had fouled and it hadn't been cleaned up...something I have never experienced in all the gardens I have visited in the past.  You had to be careful where you stepped and this was not a nice environment to enjoy what little there was to appreciate.

Has anybody else encountered a garden like this?


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