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Hi Neighbours many years ago planted bamboo into their garden bordering my cornish stone wall. It has meant that the bamboo has invaded every part of the wall and ruined any plants to the extent that I have abandoned any planting and spend my time cutting as much back as I can. We have tried weed killer which is a short term solution as it always grows back and looks so ugly while the bamboo is dying.

I would love to have some colour in the wall as it is a big part of my garden.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • LilAmbarLilAmbar Posts: 43

    This might be tricky/hard work to do, but if your neighbour will allow, dig down on their side at the edge of the wall and place some reaonably deep,good quality rhizome membrane/barrier, weed kill and clear until your side is bamboo free and start again.  It would mean taking out some of their bamboo to access the area but as you know, it'll soon grow back.  You would need to be vigilant for reinvasion and keep an eye on any rhizomes trying to jump the barrier but it should significantly slow the progress.

  • Thanks for your help. I will try your suggestion.


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