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I need help! Base for Greenhouse

Hi all,

I'm new to this and have been searching the web for an hour or so now with no luck so here goes:

We have just been given a second hand greenhouse. 6x8 (I think) and we have already dismantled and moved it and successfully put the frame (aluminium) back together.

We are going to clean the glass etc before we complete the reconstruction but here is our problem...

Our back yard already has a nice big concrete base in it, just lying bare in the garden, unused. This is great (I think?) but it has a few knocks and dips out of it from time left alone and covered in weeds which have now all been cleared. It is in no way level.

We are unsure as to how to proceed when we are ready to go ahead.

We're thinking put sand (not sure what kind?) on the base that exists, then some sort of plastic sheeting to protect from future weeds, then sand again, then the paving slabs that were used in it previously.

We don't know how to secure the slabs or if you need to, and don't know if you're supposed to attach the green house to the slabs or base etc and how to do so if that is the case.

I'm obviously a beginner here so any thoughts/advice is welcome!

Thanks in advance,

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  • garjobogarjobo Posts: 85

    Although i can't help with advice - sorry - intrested in your plight. As im currently in a greenhouse base situation. I have a concrete base and ..due to 'experiance' of banging my head on the greenhouse ( im only 5ft 10 mind you ) i chose to heighten the thing. Two flat breezeblocks laid - all straight and square ( i hope ).

    Now..i have the doorway situation. Do I cut the base/thin aluminum strip for doorway ( so no need for horrible step down / up ) and risk...weakening the structure??? or not.

    Wall is built..with 2ft gap for door..and small jigsaw in i sense my brain is saying go for it...but im thinking of the ground frost and extra warmth a short wall will perhaps bring...realise breezeblocks soak up the water cant win.

    Sand...on the floor..pebbles...etc..imagine all the compost etc falling into that..ants..bugs etc....I'm raising one section slightly and filling with a little compost - which in theory I can then clean/reuse. Other side slabs..simple. No messing.

  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,621

    Depending on the size of the concrete slab I would suggest topping it up with another layer of concrete to get a level surface. Alternatively lay a couple of courses of bricks to form a new base for the greenhouse, taking care to make them level and square. In either case simply screw the greenhouse onto the base using Rawlplugs in the holes you drill in the concrete/brick or fixings like these You could lay a bead of mastic under the frame before you screw it down for added security and sealing.

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