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hi we have a grape vine approx 10 years old. question 1 - do they have a life span. question 2 - this year the vine is withering and the core of the plant is brown. question 3 - is this the end do we have to take it out.?image 


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    Hi Tobs image

    Grapevines usually last for years and years and years. 

    Can you post a few photos of the vine and the problem areas, and tell us more about your vine's history, where it's growing and your pruning/feeding/watering regime to give us some clues please.

    To post a photo on here you need to click on the green tree icon on the toolbar above where your type your post, and follow the instructions.  Afraid it doesn't work for iphones - yet image

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     sorry they are large photos but hope they explain, do you think it was just this years weather ok for the last few years

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    thank you for getting back so quick, we planted it some years ago and it has been a 'show off'  until this year.  it seemed to be late starting and only just managed to get to the state it is in now.  our garden is south facing and the vine is planted on the east facing fence.  we do water when necessary and also take leaves away and try to take some grapes away during the summer to keep it in good condition.  we had loads of grapes last year and have done nothing different this year - hope we can save it  

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