Evergreen climber - white flowers - partial shade


I am looking to screen off an ugly oil tank situated in a partially shaded area (gets a little sun mid-late afternoon).

We have put in a large section of trellis which I want to cover with a vigorous,  evergreen climber(s) to give dense foliage cover throughout the year, with white flowers for at least a month or two.

I have already planted a couple of small Hedera Helix for a bit of green coverage and was also considering planting the Clematis Armandii and the Trachelospermum jasminoides, but am concerned they may need a sunnier spot. 

I would be very grateful for any suggestions image





  • Climbing Hydrangea will grow in full shade,so no problem I'm not sure which one is evergreen its either Seeboldii or  Petolaris. They have white flowers.

  • Thanks  Chrissy & Verdun for your helpful suggestions image  .  

    The solanum alba looks really pretty & seems like it will fit the bill nicely in terms of vigorous growth, but, being semi-evergreen, is it likely to lose most of its leaves in the winter?    Also, I have read mixed info regarding position - would only up to a couple of hours (English) sunshine be sufficient? image

  • I have a Clematis armandii, inherited from previous owner.  The plant will grow in the shade, but it only started flowering when it climbed through the shading tree and reached light.

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    Have a look at this honeysuckle - lonicera japonica Halliana and pileostegia viburnoides.

    The RHS website plant finder feature will give you cultivation details and also suppliers. 


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    If it's the right position I would go for a jasmine, mine is still flowering

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  • Thanks for all your replies - I'm going to look at all suggestions image

    Tetley - thanks, I will definitely steer clear of the mile-a-minute vine.  I had looked at the montana alba grandiflora but then read conflicting info as to whether or not it was evergreen.

  • Yes, I think I will end up going for 2 or 3 different climbers along with the ivy.  

    I'm not so keen on the pyracantha and my other half sadly doesn't particularly like honesysuckle image (although we do get the benefit of my neighbours which is tumbling over a fence).  

    I love Jasmine but do have a large Jasmine in a sunny spot that is finally growing like crazy since I planted it out from its pot earlier this year (which it was in for 3 years & did virtually nothing! - not sure if its matured or just prefers the location) - it finally flowered wonderfully this year. I had considered moving that but thought better of it!

    I like the look of the Clematis Armandii, Montana Alba,  Trachelospermum Jasminoides and the Solanum Alba - now I'm in danger of over-crowding!  

    I do like to have uniformity (not ideal for a struggling, impatient, novice gardener!) & am set on white & green only for that area - so don't want things to look messy image 


  • Thanks 1Runnybeak1 - I just discovered TaylorsClematis website - has the evergreens listed including the Jingle Bells image 

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