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help please

im pretty new to growing things and ive got these things all over some of my chilli plant flowers and leaves ,been looking at pest pictures this morning and i cant make my mind up,is this a thrip or aphid or none of the above? and could you recommend a suitable bug killer to use please, thanksimage




  • It's an aphid. Squash them between thumb and finger, it's best not to spray edible plants.

  • Try a mixture of washing up liquid and waterin a spray bottle and spray over plant. this works quite well on aphids. If plants are in a greenhouse hang up some of those yellow sticky sheets can't remember what they are called but most garden centres sell them. Also planting marigolds around your plants would also help.

  • thanks for the ideas ill give the washing up liquid a try first because id be there for ages squashing them as they are already all over 3 of my plants, what percentage of washing up liquid/water is ideal to use or don't it matter?

  • Dovefromabove wrote (see)

    Fill a bucket with tepid water with a squirt of washing up liquid. Pick up a potted chilli plant with your fingers spread over the top of the pot to hole the compost in - turn it upside down and swish it around in the bucket until all the leaves are wet then turn it back the right way up and let it dry.

    That'll sort them out. image

    I've copied the above from advice I gave on another thread a couple of weeks ago - it's the simplest way to deal with aphids on plants.

    Good luck image

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • thanks for the reply dovefromabove but ill have to try a spray first as the 3 chilli plants what are affected are all in a planter together, i suppose i could get 3 buckets and a couple of friends to help hold them to try itimage,hopefully spraying will do the trick image

  • Oooh, you might strain your backs!  image I don't want to be responsible for that - spray with a weak solution of washing up liquid - I use one squirt of Ecover to a pint of lukewarm water in an old (thoroughly washed out) Daily Shower Spray container, but you can use a bought one if you must, approx 50p from Wilkos or 99p from a garden centre.

    Make sure you get the underside of the leaves as well as the tops!

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • thanks for the info, ill send the missis down wilkos to get one and hopefully we will get rid of them 

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