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  • reiverreiver Posts: 32

    Thanks Bob and Sallya42,

    I have yellow strips(Need changing already) and marigolds. On the bench I have pelagoriums and canna. I have no qualms about displaying herbs and flowers together if the result pleases me- I have a couple of beetroot in pots just for the colour of their foliage  and carrots for the shape of the foliage.

    My GH foreman turned up with a very shy young friend to show her GH and to teach her what basil smelled like. She loves the smell of basil,sage and mint. They were blown away when I asked them to crush a leaf of lemon balm. Just like lemonade said the shy one with a huge smile on her face. Sometimes being Grandad Bob is so rewarding.image

    Very little done today I was gently cooking on the golf course and tomorrow I have yet another skip coming to collect the last of the garden rubbish and all of those"May come in handy things" from the garage. At the moment the drive looks like the Clampits.

    PS Earl Grey tea is not improved by the addition of John Innes No2image

    Next week I intend to sit on my deckchair and do nowt. I will do it thoroughly though.

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