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hi i have been growing strawberrys under a cloche for a while now and my strawberrys have grown really well, they have got flowers on them, and also young fruit growing now, shall take the cloche of and let the air get to them, also do i feed them and put some hay or straw down, on the floor. thanks.


  • LeggiLeggi Posts: 489

    Feeding really depends on what you've planted them in to, I've mixed in a lot of well rotted manure so probably won't be feeding for a bit. Having said that, a little feed certainly won't do them any harm when they're starting to fruit. Straw or hay can be used around plants to keep the fruit off the sometimes wet ground, it's entirely up to you if you want to put some down. Some varieties will need it, others possibly not.

    The cloche can probably come off too, but acclimatise the plants first if they've been constantly covered by leaving the cloche off during the day, then back on at night for a week, before leaving it off completely. Mine have been uncovered all winter during snow and all sorts and have faired fine.

  • Pondman01Pondman01 Posts: 71

    Hi there thanks for the advice, i was thinking that but just wanted to make sure. thanks .

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