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First Ever Garden

Hello All,


Bought first real home with a small garden at Xmas (aged nearly 40!), after a 3/4m patio area we have a rectangular lawn approx 5 to 6m in length and 3 to 4m wide.. There is a wooden fence along side with some well established shrubs/trees toward the bottom, shed at bottom and lower path running up the other side. There is currently a narrow border (under ft) up both long sides and a slightly deeper one across the back of the house. The garden faces roughly west, sheltered but most parts of the border have full sun at some part of the day.  I am a total beginner and looking for any ideas for planting design or plants, or where to look for inspiration! I have already gone a bit mad randomly popping things in as I did get a bit overexcited waiting to see if anything would appear, I think anything there is long gone now!! In snowdonia but sea level 6-7 miles from coast, soil I am told is generally acidic in the area but really not sure!! Would likeSomme evergreen plants so we don't go. Too bBare in winter and hubby doesn't want to loose too much lawn!! 


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