is plant food the same as fertiliser? and how can you make plant food?



i'm new to all this gardening stuff but am trying it out!!


ive read a few books that all talk about avoiding fertilisers and going organic as you can. then i read things that tell me to feed my plants and i see things labelled 'plant food' or 'tomato food' or potato food on the shelves. whats the difference?


and has anyone made plant food? i read about for example filling up empty milk bottles and using them water plants, the milky water is like a type of plant food- is there any truth in this??


  • You can use cold,  diluted coffee and tea to water plants, as well as the water you boiled vegetables in. People make fertiliser from nettles, too. Here's a link.

    I may be wrong, but I think it is upasteurised milk that makes a good fertiliser. Either fertiliser will be pretty smelly.

    The main elements of fertiliser are nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus and all plats need all of them, but in slightly different proportions. The proportion betwen them is the basic difference between fertilisers for different plants.

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    Hi M and B I never ever buy food nettle and comfry tea is as good as seaweed, first smelly way get an old pillow case protector (pound shop pound for 2) fill with cut nettles or comfry or mixed ,place in bucket of some kind weight it down and fill with water and cover with refuse bag,3/4 weeks dilute 10 /15 to one or like weak tea,this is to use direct onto soil ,for pest spray dilute 20/25 to 1 or it will burn the leaves, if it does burn dilute more ,,and it stinks, way no 2 almost no smell, place cut nettles/comfry into a container with drain holes in bottom fill with nettles /comfry add i pint of water to start it and weight it down well place this container into another to catch the juice/tea keep out of the rain ,the dark juice is pure food and needs diluting 20 to one or try a little. another way place a brick into the pillow bag tie a string onto it to retrieve it when its done and drop into your water but replace cover,use straight from butt, mine are all 40 gallons

    its wonderful and smells delightful spuds love it and strawbs go big and juicy so does all the other plants and veg,give it a go ITS FREE

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    Fertiliser usually refers to the major nutrients, potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus. Plant food often has other essential minerals as well, just like we need minerals in our diet.

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