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Re-planted Sunflowers - Leaves wilting, generally not as expected



  • BrummieBenBrummieBen Posts: 460

    aye, sowed mine last week, 99% germination, most are now ready for moving on to the 4 inch polypots to be flogged to unsuspecting parents at my daughters primary school. I have 2 weeks left, fully confident they'll be filling them pots by then and nearing 8 inches in height.

  • KleeblattKleeblatt Posts: 52

    LO managed to grow some sunflowers too, which we repotted last time. Ours also got a bit droopy. Some of them seem to have recovered. I might give them a bit of fertiliser today. Did not know about avoiding heat and bright sunshine when repotting, but will keep it in mind image Let's keep fingers crossed for more sun that our sunflowers can grow!

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