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Ideas for fruit and veg for greenhouse for young family

I have a young family (3 under 3) and i am looking for ideas for fruit and veg to grow in my greenhouse. It is 8x6 poly carb greenhouse and i am looking for ideas for reliable, tasty fruit and veg to grow but that need minimal care as time is restricted. It will have beds down the sides and staging across the back. There will also be an outside bed which will be 8x3 which will be covered due to having 2 dogs who like to dig and eat everything.


  • Richard, I've sent you a pm

  • chickychicky SurreyPosts: 9,259

    Richard - it depends what your children like to eat.  Mine were big cucumber fans, and the mini ones are "cute" and they can have one to themselves.  I grow mini-munch with quite a lot of successimage

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  • They will eat any soft fruit really, have to stop them trying to eat the red blackberry. Ive tried cucumbers in the past but not with much success. They like carrots, potatoes, most fruit, not huge fans of salads really.

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