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We have a relatively good crop of pears this year. I know that they should stay on the tree for longer than our apples...the apples are still reluctant to come off the stalks yet. I know that pears from the inside out... any advice please?


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 14,703

    Pick pears when they part easily when lifting the pear gently. Then ripen in the window sill, watching carefully. There is about 24 hours between perfectly ripe and starting to rot from the inside. I like conference while still crunchy, but williams have to be juicy.

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  • Thank you. Will keep checking them. The badgers may come sniffing at them soon.

  • One of my magazines said to pick them once the first ones start to fall off, obviously this advice is no good if your pears have any disease as those are likely to fall off prematurely!

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