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How do I grow a yucca gloriosa from a young chute?

Red2Red2 Posts: 2

I've taken young chutes from a mother plant of a yucca gloriosa, what are the best conditions to cultivate it? I live in Essex.


  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    Depends on how big they are and how much "root" you've got attached. If they are a good size I'd plant them directly in the aspect & conditions as the mother plant. If small which is hard to imagine, plant in a pot of multi purpose with grit added, don't overwater and leave outside in a sunny position. I wonder how many you've got and if you're just growing them to have a go, I tend to do that with plants and end up with stuff I don't really want. Unless you have someone wanting them I'd not bother and just enjoy the mother plant when it throws it's wonderful spikes up.

  • granmagranma Posts: 1,929

    KEF has said it all !

    Be sure of where you are planting Yucca's -  beautiful is the flower , but the leaves can be lethal .

  • Red2Red2 Posts: 2

    Unfortunately I lost the mother plant through the appalling winter conditions..

    I have fair sized roots from the mother plant with young chutes, i've planted four lots in a large pot of good, new compost and will water twice a week; do I stand a chance of cultivating these?

  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    I'm surprised that the main plant died as Yuccas are very hardy. If it was planted outside in the garden was it waterlogged? as cold shouldn't have bothered it. Thinking about it, how big and how old was it? I'm asking as you don't want the babies going the same way. I'd assumed it was a large mature plant that had produced smaller ones around it's base and you had severed these to pot on. I hope that main plant hadn't rotted as the roots of the new ones might not have good.

    I would have put each baby in it's own pot, one that was just big enough to accomodate it, in mix as previously suggested. I wouldn't water unless the pot feels light.

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