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Hello everyone
I have been into gardening for around 15 years now (I am 29), and have been self employed full time gardener for around 18 months, and part time for maybe a couple of years prior.
I am now thinking about getting some horticulture qualifications under my belt now via distance learning, especially since work will be slowing down in 6-8 weeks, so I will have more spare time on my hands. 
So I am looking at the RHS courses, maybe starting with L2, and then onto L3, or might just jump onto L3. I think I will have a chat with course providers to see what they think, given my experience and also having studied biology and chemistry at A-level (if that really matters).

After doing some research, I think I have narrowed down the providers to 2.
Has anyone here used The Horticultural Correspondence College (HCC) or Edinburgh garden school to do such courses recently? If so, how would you rate the support you got and the notes? 


  • gab82gab82 Posts: 73

    Hi Baker boy. Also have you thought of Best in horticulture. I have just started my level 2 theory, after finishig the practical level 2 at my local hort college. I did speak to the rhs about online courses. They advised my to go with Best in horticulture. I'm finding it good so far.......just need to knuckle down and get on with it. image


  • I'm currently doing the Horticultural Correspondence College Course - Become A Gardener. I would recommend them, you get sent a file with each lessons notes inside and a paper to fill out at the end of each lesson which is then sent off to be marked by a personal tutor that you are assigned. It usually takes 2 weeks to receive your paper back including notes from the tutor but can be longer in busy times. However you do have the next set of lesson notes so you can always start the next part whilst waiting for your paper to be returned image 

  • gab, I did look at them, but have heard mixed reviews from them, including that their notes aren't all that great, which seems to crop up a bit, although I don't know how recent the reviews were, so maybe they are better.

    NG, so you are never left with no work to do? Is everything sent by post, or online? Only asking that because I can get side-tracked when on the computer image

    I did notice that the edinburgh garden school currently have 50% off their L2 until the end of the month

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