Plant ID please

AlieshAliesh Posts: 182


 Hi can anyone identify this plant please it was planted by my late father in law last year but i don't renember it flowering.It's about 4 ft tall thanks


  • -- Posts: 88

    I´m sorry I have no idea, but the leaves remind me of Aruncus.

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,230

    I keep coming back and looking at this but I think I'll have to wait for the flowers. Looks as though it's putting up flowering stems.


  • NolaNola Posts: 209

    It could be a Cephalaria GiganteLima giant scabious. I have one and the leaves and height are very similar. Mine usually flowers mid to end of June. 

    We'll have to "watch this space!" image

  • SwissSueSwissSue Posts: 1,447

    Nola, I think you're right, have a look at this site


  • AlieshAliesh Posts: 182

    Thanks everyone looking forward to the flowersimage

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