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Azaleas, camellias and rhodies in pots.....over wintering?

TootlesTootles Posts: 1,469

Good morning!  

Scruffs are on, ready to get busy!

Do folks tend to put pots of azaleas, camellias and rhodies in the greenhouse over winter, or do they do ok left outside in a protected spot? Just space planning!



  • Mine are always outside and I'm middlin high up so it gets foggy and cold. If you're concerned about them you could always insulate the pots while they're still warm with something attractive like bubble wrap image. You could make them a bit better by disguising it with something else if they're on show. Mine are too heavy to move so insulation's the way I go. A good mulch as well as a wee blanket for cosy toes! All that said Ihaven't had many problems but my planters are giant and quite sheltered so that helps.

    Good luck.

  • Most of them will survive outside in a protected spot - under an evergreen shrub or tree is good, and grouping them together helps too (though I suppose like penguins you should really change the ones on the outside from time to time!) The possible exceptions are  evergreen azaleas. The Japanese ones are more cold sensitive than the deciduous ones and can lose their leaves and or flower buds if it is really cold, even if they are in the ground. The little Indian ones sold as house plants are tender and won't survive outside. The other issue is flowering. Some camellias flower very early when the weather can be quite adverse and the flowers are soon spoiled by frost. I like to keep at least one in the greenhouse so I can enjoy the flowers in rather more comfort!

  • TootlesTootles Posts: 1,469

    Thanks both ever so much. I think I'll keep the smaller ones inside the greenhouse and the three larger ones in sheltered spots. 

    Hope you've both had a lovely day.

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