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I have grown aubretia from seeds and it has come on nicely but it has flowered with very tiny white petals (nothing that you would call a flower).My balcony does not get sun until early evening?? any ideas?


  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 28,574

    Aubretia require full sun and good drainage.  i suggest you try something better suited to a shady position - fuchsias, impatiens New Guinea varieties, begonias, ferns, campanula carpatica, clematis - some, such as integrifolia forms, are small and don't need trellis support - corydalis, some hardy geraniums, hostas, hydrangeas, some of the pelargoniums and so on. 

    For early spring there are many narcissi and primulas that will flower happily for you and can trhen be replaced by others to continue teh season of interest.   A lot depends on the size of your pots and troughs and the kind of compost you are using and how much time you have to feed, water, dead head and nurture.

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